Bart’s Pneumatics Corporation

Model Railroad Backdrops

TrainOrama Backdrop

Heavy card stock 3d vivid scenery. Includes three large scenes that can be mixed and matched along with two corner scenes. Assembly of scenes can vary as desired.

When completely assembled it is 112" long  x 14" high. Includes hydraulic dam, factory, town scene and mountain.

Suitable for use by  "S" and "O" gauge operators.

Price: $250

Order by phone: (717) 392-1568 or e-mail:

Photographic Backdrops

The price for the 24x72L is $69.95 plus S&H

The price for the 24x72R is $69.95 plus S&H

The price for the 24x144 is $134.95 plus S&H

The price for the 24x204 is $189.95 plus S&H

There are additional smaller backdrops available, these smaller backdrops are printed on paper that measures 2' x 4'. The actual height of the image varies depending on the image subject matter, clear skies will be the color of the plain paper on the upper sections.

Select the smaller backdrops here: Backdrop Selector Guide Download (PDF file, 22MB)

Prices are:

Standard paper - $50
Heavy weight paper - $75
Photo paper - $100
All backdrops may be ordered by phone: (717) 392-1568 or e-mail: